DoubleSight DS-265W

Disassembly Notes, Symptoms, and Comments

05/01/2012 Previously sent back to DoubleSight for warranty service. The monitor went dead in a puff of smoke that smelled of burnt components. Good service from DoubleSight. The monitor failed the second time about 6 mo later and after the warranty period. The video display was absent. The back lighting was intact. The video sensor LED indicated the the monitor was connecting to the computer and that a video signal was detected.
  • Two screws beneath the stand mounting. The bezel was easily removed by pulling away at the inside lips. Wear gloves to avoid fingerprinting the LCD.
  • Inspected the power supply, inverter, and video boards. There were no signs of component failure.
  • Reassembled and tested. It worked. But why? I had not yet installed the stand.
  • Finalized assembly and it failed. No display on power up. The same as before.
  • The stand was removed the the unit retested. It worked.
  • Here is the kicker. The lower right (rear view) stand mounting screw extends into the power supply cage. It was resting against a choke. Poor design. I tweaked the choke out of the way and all is fine.
  • I suspect that the warranty repair included a new power supply board. I was lucky that the unit did not smoke a second time. Perhaps just enough insulation provided by the varnish on the choke turns.




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